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“Before my daughters, Anoushka and Ananya, started classes with Rachel, Ananya had never learnt French and Anoushka had learnt very basic French in school. She enjoyed the language but wasn’t confident in it. But when we began classes with Rachel, that hesitation was quickly surmounted. With her energetic and gentle demeanour, she was able to encourage the children into really embracing the language of French. Her course is well balanced, focusing on all aspects of a language - speaking ability, writing skills and understanding the language. The children absolutely adore her classes as they are fun filled and extremely motivating.”

Gitanjali, India

“Rachel took on my son in his last year of IGCSE's whilst Covid meant schools were online. When he started with her, he was failing his Spanish badly but having just taken his exams (and even in his mocks) he is close to achieving top marks. I was hesitant to add another online class to his schedule, but Rachel was great. She made each lesson interactive and engaging, ensuring it was perfectly tailored to his needs. He always looked forward to his sessions with her which obviously contributed to him enjoying the subject more and doing better at it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel to anyone. If she can turn around a stressed, sulky teenager into a top-performing student, she can help anyone! As a direct result of her tutoring my son is now even considering doing Spanish for A-Level!”

Caroline, Hong Kong

“Rachel is a fantastic tutor and my three children have adored her and her lessons. After we moved from Mexico, we were worried that they would forget their Spanish. Rachel has used interactive resources and a fun, charismatic style to ensure she kept their interest and they have thrived under her teaching. She has also helped mine with KS3, GCSE and A level style work. We have had many tutors in the past but, in my opinion, Rachel is the best in the business. Highly recommend.”

Zoe, Dubai

“I was a complete beginner before I started Spanish lessons with Rachel. I found her approach and teaching style to be fun, challenging and really helpful. She uses a variety of teaching methods which reinforce the learnings from textbooks. Before long, I was able to do much, much more than read a menu, order a coffee and ask for the bathroom — which were my reasons for learning the language. I would thoroughly recommend Rachel as a language teacher; she has a knack of being able to read her audience in order to make the lessons relevant, interesting and varied.”

Celia, St Albans

“Rachel is a fantastic teacher who has a wonderful rapport with children and adults. She prepares lesson plans thoroughly every week according to what the syllabus is for that week/ month and sends it in advance. My children look forward to her classes which is lovely to see.” 

Navaz, Singapore

“Rachel is cheerful, engaging and always finding ways to get Henry more interested (i.e. using football / footballers for learning tasks and homework). Henry is happy to participate, looks forward to speaking to Rachel and showing off his work. Rachel uses many interactive tools which are not only helpful and easy to use but also are a hit with a tech-mad 8-year old!”

Henry, St Albans

“Before I started classes with you, I didn't feel confident in my Spanish abilities and was not enjoying my classes at school. Whilst taking classes with you my confidence quickly improved and I could see my GCSE results improving along with it. I especially enjoyed how the classes felt personalised to me and I felt as though they were not stressful and very enjoyable.”

Samantha, St Albans

“Rachel taught my daughter in the lead up to her Spanish GCSE. She particularly helped with pronunciation, spelling and learning new words. Despite her dyslexia, my daughter gained level 9 overall with high marks in her oral exam. I have no doubt that Rachel’s encouraging, positive and calm approach improved my daughter’s confidence enabling her to achieve top results.”

Eileen, West Sussex

“My daughter was learning Spanish at her previous school but it was no longer offered when she changed schools. She really wanted to continue to learn the language and I came across Rachel's details so thought we'd give it a try. My daughter loves classes with Rachel, she never complains about having a lesson and instead looks forward to them. I feel Rachel is very engaging in her lessons and builds a strong rapport with her students. The lessons are interactive and fun and involve game playing and singing to keep them interesting. They vary week on week, and I have seen the progress my daughter has made. I would highly recommend Rachel as a language teacher.”

Gemma, Qatar

“Before I started lessons with Rachel my aim was to find the right balance between learning the foundations of the language and also keeping the enjoyment level high. Rachel strikes that balance perfectly. For every tense learnt and verb conjugated, there's an authentic slang expression or a movie recommendation that takes your Spanish to another level. You know how it is with learning - sometimes you're confident, sometimes you freeze, sometimes you've just had a terrible night's sleep. But Rachel finds a solution in every situation so you make progress in every class. Highly recommended.”

Chris, Harpenden

“Rachel has helped me vastly improve my level of Spanish and prepare towards taking my GCSE early. I recently took the speaking exam, and felt so much more confident than I would have expected, thanks to all the new vocab, grammar and idioms that she taught me. She makes Spanish lessons exciting each week with a variety of different activities and interactive teaching methods. I look forward to my lessons each week as they teach me the things I need to know, while still being extremely enjoyable.”

Finn, St Albans

“I started to re-engage in learning French after a gap of some 35 years, but needed some direction and structure. Rachel surpasses every expectation and my language skills have improved immeasurably under her guidance. Rachel's warm and friendly approach ensures every lesson is different, interesting and something to look forward to rather than fear. She has a great ability to make the student feel relaxed, however difficult the day's task is. I can honestly say every class is thoroughly enjoyable. That is the key to learning and Rachel is a master. Merci prof!”

Dominic, Abu Dhabi

“Rachel is a patient teacher with a gift for coming up with great lessons that challenge and entertain. She pitches the material at just the right level for her students, and her in-depth knowledge of the language, both formal and colloquial, is really impressive. She'll get you chatting away confidently in no time!”

Liz, St Albans

“I would recommend Rachel as a language teacher - she was always so kind and supportive in adapting her teaching to help me and my GCSEs went up by 2 grades after our lessons.”

Tara, Harpenden

“The language tutoring was extremely helpful and had a profound impact on my understanding of the French language for my GCSE. My reading, writing, listening, and speaking especially improved drastically. In light of this my overall grade improved by 3 levels in just 3 months, much more than if I had had no extra help. The lessons were fun, flexible and well planned out. I would strongly recommend this service to any prospective customers!”

Lucas, St Albans

“I'm doing my GCSEs and I was looking to improve my Spanish because I'd been falling behind in school; Ms Bailey has been vital in my progress - she's very friendly and flexible in her lesson planning. Helped with my confidence and comprehension of the language. Thanks for everything."

Kaden, Dubai

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